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Inclusive Education
Ailis Lawrence District Inclusion Support Teacher
Karen Nadler District Inclusion Support Teacher
Keira Angus District Inclusion Support Teacher
Palma Wedman Inclusive Education Secretary
Scott Rothermel Manager of Safe Schools / Health and Safety
Cari Julien Occupational Therapist
Rachelle Vogel Occupational Therapist
Robyn Skopac Physiotherapist
Deanna Rumohr School Psychologist
Javier Plasencia Schools Mental Health and Addictions Coordinator
Shannon Carter Speech Language Pathologist
Lianne Johnson Speech Language Pathologist
Steve Pierson Speech Language Pathologist
Lisa Tremblay Speech Language Pathologist
Christine Bourgeois Speech Language Pathologist Assistant
Amber Gamache Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Sofeya Devji Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Jesse Halton District Diversity Education Teacher Coordinator
Kelly McCafferty Food Programs Advisor