A young woman Caucasian women with short blond hair and glasses stands on a deck with glass panels and white rails behind her. She wears a black t-shirt and black pants, holds on to a blue mobility walker and smiles broadly.

One Student’s Insight into Educators Becoming Allies to Students With Disabilities

December 8th 2022

How do we, as educational staff, become an ally for our students with disabilities? The answer is simple. We first need to listen to what they have to say. Listening, however, is only part of the allyship process. As important is the process of talking about one’s own disability, which is not an easy feat. To speak openly about a disability takes courage and fortitude.

Recently, Alexis Folk, a Grade 10 student at Homelinks Centre in Creston, presented on her journey living with Cerebral Palsy. Her presentation was honest and caring. Throughout the presentation, Alexis reminded us that going through school as an individual with a disability is not easy; however, teachers and staff can make a big difference by listening to what our students have to say. Thank you, Alexis, for this very honest and inspiring presentation.  

Alexis is also the host of the popular Meeting Mighty People podcast (Link- https://meetingmightypeople.com/) which can be downloaded on Spotify and other podcasting sites. You can also listen to the Pro-D presentation (https://meetingmightypeople.com/podcast/) on her podcast.  Watch out for her next podcast interviewing the Creston/Nelson MLA, Brittny Anderson.