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Superintendent's Report - April 2024

Woman with brown hair standing in front of green bush on a sunny day.

Spring has finally sprung! There is no surer sign that the seasons have changed than the beginning of eight weeks of training for our annual Reconciliation Run Walk Wheel taking place in all SD8 schools in June. The run offers weekly teachings on this year’s theme of Health, Wellness, and Reconciliation, along with training tips and information for all the staff, students and families who participate. Whether educator, student or family member, it’s worth considering a visit to our Aboriginal Education site each week to follow along on the path to Reconciliation and greater well-being.

As we move from March into April, the pace in schools inevitably quickens. Staff and students gain energy from the longer days and students start to showcase the year’s learning in the final months of the school year. 

L.V. Rogers Secondary emerging artists did just that when they showed their ink paintings in a new gallery at the Nelson and District Community Complex, and students at Redfish Elementary have demonstrated their theatrical skills and talents at the school’s production of Robin Hood.  

The district continues to showcase STEM learning across schools. Examples can be seen at Canyon-Lister Elementary and Hume Elementary.
Enjoy April and enjoy reading about a variety of examples of learning across our district.  



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