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Who We Are

SD No.8 provides support for students who require technology to access their learning and/or communication. 

What We Do

Shannon Carter

Shannon is an SD No.8 Speech-Language Pathologist who works with students with complex communication needs by implementing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems.  She helps the students, school staff, and families find the right tools and technology to support and develop each student’s communication competence.  AAC can include but is not limited to, sign language, gestures, pictures, text-to-speech software, and voice output communication systems. Shannon focuses on:

  • Introducing AAC early, especially to promote receptive language development and provide immersion in the AAC system
  • Ensuring an AAC system is designed to meet the student’s immediate communication needs and also to facilitate further linguistic development
  • Acting on the knowledge that AAC does not inhibit natural speech
  • Ensuring the student has abundant opportunities to observe proficient use of an AAC system. This will ensure that the student using AAC, like his or her typically developing peers, benefits from observing fluent communication in his or her own expressive modality.
  • Working in conjunction with a student’s family, teacher, and other professionals to ensure that AAC recommendations are consistent with language, learning and other goals. These goals are often identified in a student’s individualized education plan.
  • Analyzing the communication and participation skills and patterns of the student’s peers to inform vocabulary and implementation planning
  • Considering core vocabulary needs to ensure a combination of developmental, environmental and functional vocabulary is included in the student’s system
  • Support a student’s communication partners in knowing how to use the AAC system and how best to interact with the student using the system.

Shannon is also a SET-BC District Partner, providing Tier 2 and 3 supports for students with complex needs and their educational teams.

Sofeya Devji

Sofeya is the SD No.8 Teacher of the Visually Impaired and additionally works with students who require technology supports for reading or written-output. Sofeya is also the ARC-BC and SET-BC District Partner, providing tier 1 and 2 supports for classroom projects and coordinating SET-BC capacity-building opportunities. Sofeya focuses on:

  • Conducting technology assessments (Protocol for Accommodations in Reading, PAR)
  • Providing workshops on technology assessment and implementation
  • Coordinating tier-1 and 2 district support of SETBC Professional Learning opportunities
  • Providing support for classroom teachers involved with tier-2 SETBC Classroom-Based and Synergy Projects
  • Offering  ARC-BC (Accessible Resource Centre- BC) training

Priority of services will be given to teams who have the following capacity:

  • The school can provide technology for the student
  • The school staff is committed to devoting time to learn how to implement the technology at school and in the classroom
  • The referred student is considered to be a good candidate for technology use, as supported by trials and assessment
  • The student’s parents are supportive of their child’s use of technology at school
  • The student has a current IEP and technology goals and objects are added to that IEP
  • The student’s team is willing to develop and follow a concrete IMPLEMENTATION PLAN for the use of technology for learning
  • The student has a current assessment that recommends the use of technology for learning support and access to education

Referral Criteria

Contact Shannon Carter or Sofeya Devji directly to discuss potential referrals.