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Physiotherapy Brochure

Physical activity:Benefits of exercise for health and wellbeing


Who We Are

Physiotherapists are specially trained professionals who have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and are registered with the College of Physiotherapy of BC.

What We Do

Physiotherapists address the physical and health needs of students who require mobility support. They look at student performance by focusing on gross motor skills, assess alignment, posture and coordination skills and provide adaptations for student participation in a variety of areas including physical activity within the school and community. 

Referral Criteria

Possible Reasons for Referral

  • Physical diagnosis
  • Need for equipment or staff education on equipment use (wheelchair, walker, lift etc)
  • Need for a modified PE program
  • Parent concern regarding movement, coordination, alignment or posture

Possible Interventions to Date

  • Gross motor assessment
  • Orthopedic assessment