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MyEducation BC - Alyson Oshust 

1.  Navigating MyEd BC Student Services View

1.(a)  Logging in & Setting Preferences

2.  Searching Records

3.  Managing Filters and Field Sets

4. Enrolling a Student in Student Services

5.  Creating the IEP

6.  Renewing or Deleting an IEP

7.  Discontinuing Services

8.  Viewing Plans ans IEP Reports

9.  Communications Log

10.  Loading Documents to a Student Record

Writing Competency-Based IEP Goals

Shelley Moore:   Replacement Goal Planner

                            Competency Based IEP Strategies and Examples


Planning Matrices and Cheat Sheets:

                            Competency Based IEP Handouts including Planning Matrices and Cheat Sheets