Forms & Procedures


Student Support Binder* sections should be divided as: Ministry Requirements, Medical Reports/Letters, Professional Reports/Letters, History of Behaviors, and SBT/Team Meeting Notes. Please refer to IE.21 Student Support Binder Audit Checklist for a detailed list of required documentation.

*As of September 2022 we now refer to our Student Files as "Student Support Binders" and no longer as Red Binders. The binders can be any colour.

February Recount 2023: for new students since the beginning of October/new classifications binders are due to the Inclusive Education department by January 27, 2023. Only complete binders with the IE.21 Audit Checklist will be reviewed.

Enrollment projections for NEXT YEAR (2023-24): numbers due January 27, 2023 and binders due February 16, 2023.  Student Support Binder are due along with the School Inclusion Support Allocation Request (IE.4 SISAR).


IE.1 Assistive Technology Implementation Plan

IE.2 Consent for Release of Confidential Information

IE.3 EA & YFW Assignment Information Form


IE.5 Evidence of Consultation

IE.6 Meeting Notes

IE.7 FBA and Behaviour Support Plan

IE.8 Positive Behaviour Support Plan

IE.9 Safety Plan

IE.10 ABC Chart

IE.11 Frequency, Duration and Intensity Chart

IE.12 Weekly Scatter Plot

IE.17 Category H Audit Plan

IE.20 Who am I Profile

IE.21 Student Support Binder Audit Checklist

IE.22 Vulnerable Student Assessment

IE.25 Resource Loan Agreement

M.19 Student Behaviour Assessment Form

Form 200.2a Request for Medication at School (can be found on the SD8 website > Board of Education > Board Policies > Section 200: Health & Safety)

See below in Procedures for Nursing Support Services (NSS) care plans and resources for Diabetes Care and Seizure Care in the school setting.

Ministry Category Audit Checklist for Categories A, B, C, D, E, G, H, K, Q, R, P

AP 207: School Based and District Based Teams

AP 207.1 School Based Team Referral

AP 207.2 School Based Team Agenda

AP 207.3 School Based Notes on Referral

AP 207.4 District Based Team Agenda

AP 207.4a District Based Team Referral

AP 207.5 District Based Team Notes on SBT Referral

Alternative Education Program Referral Form


What is a School Based Team (SBT)

District Psychoeducational Assessment Referral Process

Assignment of Allocation to Schools for Support

P.IE.1 Ministry Category Definitions

Ministry of Education and Child Care resources (link)

Administration of Seizure Rescue Medications: The Ministry of Health, with support from the Ministry of Education and Child Care, has developed new Seizure Rescue Intervention Resources for student seizure care at school. These resources include a new Seizure Action Plan to replace previously-delegated Nursing Support Services (NSS) care plans. Training will be provided by NSS for the 2022/23 school year. See this Ministry of Health letter to families for more information. Please contact the Ministry of Health at 1 (833) 552-1891 or with any questions.