District Contacts

Inclusive Education:

Name Position Phone Email
Deanna Holitzki Director of Instruction - Inclusive Education deanna.holitzki@sd8.bc.ca
Ailis Lawrence Inclusion Support Teacher ailis.lawrence@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Palma Wedman Inclusive Education Secretary (250)505-7054 clerical.inc@sd8.bc.ca
Scott Rothermel Manager of Safe Schools 250-208-1566 safe.schools@sd8.bc.ca
Cari Julien Occupational Therapist cari.julien@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Rachelle Vogel Occupational Therapist rachelle.vogel@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Robyn Kinrade Physiotherapist robyn.kinrade@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Deanna Rumohr School Psychologist deanna.rumohr@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Javier Plasencia Schools Mental Health and Addictions Coordinator 250-551-6105 javier.plasencia@sd8.bc.ca
Shannon Carter Speech Language Pathologist shannon.carter@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Alison Gozna Speech Language Pathologist alison.gozna@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Lianne Johnson Speech Language Pathologist lianne.johnson@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Steve Pierson Speech Language Pathologist steve.pierson@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Lisa Tremblay Speech Language Pathologist lisa.tremblay@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Christine Bourgeois Speech Language Pathologist Assistant christine.bourgeois@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Amber Gamache Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing amber.gamache@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page
Sofeya Devji Teacher of the Visually Impaired sofeya.devji@sd8.bc.ca Teacher Page